Lens Installation

One of the most dreaded tasks for some people can be lens installation. However this need not be the case. Here are a few installation tips.

Goggle Lenses

Bolle goggle replacement lenses come with a plastic wrap to protect the lens against scratching during shipment. This plastic wrap is sometimes hard to see and many fogging problems are caused by not removing the plastic. However don't rip off that plastic just yet. We can use it to help with the installation. Lets go through a sample installation step by step:

STEP 1: Leaving the plastic on the lens until the end will guarantee that you won't get any fingerprints on the lens. However this would make the plastic hard to remove after installation. So first, peel the plastic back from the side about an inch and 1/2 and then stick it back down leaving about an inch of the lens exposed. If there is plastic on the outside of the lens then peel this back in the same manner.

STEP 2: With the frame in one hand and the lens placed between thumb and forefinger of the other hand, carefully insert the nose portion of the lens into the nose bridge of the goggle. Generally speaking this is the place to begin with all goggles as this will center the lens in the frame and other retention areas should line up. Once the nose section is installed and properly secured you're ready for Step 3.

STEP 3: With the nosepiece properly installed hold the goggle so the inside surface and strap are facing downward. Now work the lens into the frame slot from the nosepiece up the side. Once you reach the side stop and work the other side from the nosepiece. The lens should now occupy the nose, bottom, and side sections.

STEP 4: Now take one side and work it to the top center of frame and then do the same on the other side. Then press the top down firmly to secure the frame to the lens.

STEP 5:Grab the folded up piece of plastic on the inside of the lens and remove a finger print free surface. If there is plastic on the outside surface, remove this as well. Remember it's easier to remove fingerprints from the outside surface as this does not have a fog coating to smudge.